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Better Opportunities through better Profile Pictures

According to this study in Pyschological Science Magazine, it takes only 40 milliseconds to create the all-important first impression.

Based on the image presented, the viewer will decide in a flash if the photo subject is not only trustworthy, approachable and likeable but also creative, competent and smart !

If you are serious about new opportunities in Tokyo, Japan or abroad, you need to have a great social media profile picture.

The Right Picture for each Social Media

The basic goal of a profile picture is to get people to be attracted by your image so you have their attention.

You also want to communicate different aspects of your personality and personal brand based on the target audience :

- Confidence, professionalism and easy-to-approach for a professional social media (LinkedIn, MeetUp, PartnerUp, ...)

- Dynamism, creativity and confidence for a networking social site (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ...)

- Trustworthiness, confidence and likeability for a dating site (OKCupid, Tinder, PlentyofFish,...)

A Headshot photographer specializes in bringing the best of your personal brand onto your profile picture through coaching and targeted techniques.
Our services are unique in Tokyo as we can work with you in Japanese, English and French to teach you how to take some of the best pictures you have ever had.

What is a "Headshot Photographer"  in Tokyo?

If you read all the way down to this, I believe you may be serious about getting the best picture possible.
You may not know exactly how to do it but you want something that stands out in the crowd, show you as a force to be reckoned with.
Although Headshot Photography really exploded those last few years in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London, it is still very new to Tokyo, Japan.
My team and I are trying to bring this service to Japan locals, foreigners visitors and residents. Our studio is located near Koenji, a few minutes away from the heart of Shinjuku. We are also available to shoot on location in the Greater Tokyo area.
I see my work as a way to help you, be it to start a new career, get better work or even better dates ! I want to make you confident about who you are and how attractive you are.
To achieve that, I focus on your face. Many people say that "your eyes are the mirror of the soul" and I make sure it's true.
Your smile should be genuine, honest and warm. I will show you how to achieve that. I will avoid anything that may distract the viewer from your true, sincere beauty.

When you step into my lights, you know that I care about you and your personal brand

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