Ask Me Anything ! Various question and answers about headshots, portraits and photography in general.

Q: What should I bring ?

A : Light snacks and refreshments are available at the studio. You won't get hungry or thirsty. during the shoot !
Based on your package, bring several outfits and accessories. Feel free to bring photos to show the style you want and music to make you in the mood. Friends and Family are more than welcome at the studio. Don't forget your positive energy at home !

Q: What kind of outfits ?

A: Unless notified otherwise, please bring your own 2-3 outfits to match the image and mood you want. For glamour shots, bring lingerie and tube top. Try to avoid very bright colors and strong prints clothes as they may detract from your face and attitude which are the focus of your portraits.

Please also bring a choice of accessories (necklace, bracelets, earring, etc). We will discuss together and arrange what would fit your personality best for the images you want.

Q: What about Make Up and Hair ?

A : There is no way around it, a good Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist makes everyone looks better, especially on high-resolution images as those we create.

A professional make-up artist is available for an additional fee but you can also do your own make up or bring a friend to help you.
Light makeup for natural / fun looks. Stronger makeup for stylish / artistic looks.  Bring several different shades to match the mood of the shoot.

Q: I always look bad on pictures, what can you do about that ?

A :  Our session goals is to make you feel relaxed, positive and confident. Our personalized coaching will teach you the tricks pro models use. We have a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" clause on all our packages so we are confident we can make you look great !

Bringing your inside qualities out to the world. Model: Alto Tanaka.

Fabien Sena. Beautiful, Sincere and Stylish Headshot. Tokyo,
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