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Fabien Sena. Beautiful, Sincere and Stylish Headshot. Tokyo,
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Pascal P. : I think I was lucky to meet Fabien as I needed someone who could really understand how I wanted to project myself in a portrait picture. Fabien puts you in a very comfortable and natural mood as soon as you step foot into his studio. He then manages to find that fine alchemy between how you want to see yourself and what you really need. He reinvents your image with the right balance. All of that happens gradually, smoothly, like magic. And that light... he really knows about the light. He’s a craftman, a creator, a pro. He’s deep and passionate with a sweet personality. I’m happy and confident to recommend his work.

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Ioana V. :I have recently visited the studio of Fabien Sena, to get my profile picture, for business-focused networking. Fabien helped me in advance with practical suggestions about what I could consider in terms of make-up and outfit, which was super useful. The entire session was a lot of fun, such that I didn't even realise when time passed. I'm delighted with the result (including the reactions of my friends and family when they see the photos;)). Thank you Fabien!

Ai Y. : ファビアンとのphoto session 楽しかった! ポーズをとるのが難しかったけど、彼のエンターテイメントで大分リラックス出来ました! 色々な要望に応えてくれるので自分好みのポートレートが出来上がりますよ!おすすめ!

Not a regular Photoshoot, a Learning Experience

Almost everyone feels self-conscious in front of a camera. It is a big deal !
A bad picture may give the wrong impression and exclude you from business,  career or even personal opportunities !

You want to have a headshot that brands you as a confident, trustworthy and successful person. It is not easy to reset your "public face" to show the best version of yourself.  Anyone can take a picture but it takes a specialist in headshot to teach the micro-expression and precise angle that transform everything.

Don't worry ! If you can follow simple instruction, we know that you will be happy with the results. In fact, we are so sure about it that we offer a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on all our packages by re-shooting for free– no question asked !

We will teach you the best poses for you, how change the small details that make a big difference and some secret tricks that successful models and celebrities use.

Beauty Headshots

For Social Network profile or any place where looking attractive is mandatory. We will make you look gorgeous by showing your inner beauty with the best light and pose.

We want to show you (and the world) how beautiful you truly are.

Professional Headshots

A sharp, confident and trustworthy image is critical for any kind of business.

We will work with you to define your personal brand and how to capture it on camera. Our goal is that you can expend your business thanks to our images.

Celebrity Headshots

Designed for actors, singers and talents, this kind of photography focus even more on your personal brand.
We want you to get you great portfolio images that will make you noticed by any casting and model agency.

What is a "Headshot Photographer"  in Tokyo?
If you read all the way down to this, I believe you may be serious about getting the best picture possible. You may not know exactly how to do it but you want something that stands out in the crowd, show you as a force to be reckoned with.

Although Headshot Photography really exploded those last few years in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London, it is still very new to Tokyo, Japan.
My team and I are trying to bring this service to Japan locals, foreigners visitors and residents. Our studio is located near Koenji, a few minutes away from the heart of Shinjuku. We are also available to shoot on location in the Greater Tokyo area.

I see my work as a way to help you, be it to start a new career, get better work or even better dates ! I want to make you confident about who you are and how attractive you are.
To achieve that, I focus on your face. Many people say that "your eyes are the mirror of the soul" and I make sure it's true. Your smile should be genuine, honest and warm. I will show you how to achieve that.
I will avoid anything that may distract the viewer from your true, sincere beauty.
When you step into my lights, you know that I care about you and your best image.

"Professional Photographer"

Let's get straight to the point. A good professional photographer is not cheap. In these days and age, anyone carries a camera of some kind and anyone can take pictures or selfies, why pay good money for a picture for social media ? If all you were getting was "a picture", you would be right to go the cheapest possible.

What you are getting with me is an experience, a coaching session and something that can be useful for your career, social or romantic life. I hope that what you will learn during our session will last you a lifetime and give you the little extra plus to get you closer to success.
And you also get the pictures at the end.

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